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Unicorns in the field

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

This is the view from my studio window, this particular morning visited by unicorns! A friend of mine remarked that now I was doing an MA he supposed I would be dropping the unicorns...but they seem to be more present than ever in my work. I have been thinking about what they represent. To me they stand for the appearance of story, something magical in the everyday, something out of the quotidian that can't be pinned down or described exactly. Both real and unreal. In a way, these wild horses from the moor, and the spring snow that fell unexpectedly the very next day had the same effect on the usual view out of my window. Both were magical. Both were something beyond.

In my new work the unicorn lies under the feet of the sleeping knight or king in his cave, as in folk myth he waits for his cue to arise and save the land...I suppose it is a call to action for us. We can't sit back and wait to be saved by unicorns and King Arthur...we need to have the courage to be them ourselves.

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