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A tour of the workshop

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

I tried to make a short video tour of my workshop. I found it unexpectedly hard to do. It looked as if I had strapped my phone to the forehead of a cow and then pushed the cow into the workshop to nose around and peer at things. So I have taken some photographs of the workshop instead.

Here live my beloved presses - my small Hughes and Kimber litho press, my large Rochat etching press and my large Furnival direct litho press with its 30 stones of various sizes.

My aquatint box lurks next to the washing machine and the large sink with its heated vertical ferric etching tanks and central drained section for grinding the smaller litho stones is in the far corner by the hotplate. Worktops with stone storage beneath are planned, but have still to be built. So I'm working on a table and the surface of my potions storage dresser. This all came together in the autumn of 2018, when the floor was smoothed and painted, new doors were made and the walls and ceiling painted, then Giles from AMR Press came and assembled the various clanking heaps of cast iron into gleaming printing machines. It is so wonderful to have my own beautiful print workshop at last.

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