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Women who walk: Worm moon

20th March 2019: the second full moon walk. I walked in the daylight this time, so again no moon-sighting for me! Instead I looked for moon-shapes as I walked down the track and into the small wood. There is pine, birch and holly. It's quite dark in there but the top point of it is Scots pine and birch, so less gloomy.

Buried flex - sections of chainsawed pine - hose loop - distant oil tank.

I was pleased to recast our eyesore of a defunct oil tank as the rising moon. I drew it emerging from the silvery tundra of marsh grass.

The ground smelt hopeful, as if worms were stirring.

Later we talked about fear when walking - or maybe unease is a better word. Lone women being alert for danger; conscious of private land, traffic, strange people, cows, darkness...I felt blessed to be walking in this lonely but friendly moorland. I have never yet felt uneasy here; no haunted shadowy corners.

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