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Women who walk by the light of the moon

19th February saw my first collaborative meeting with the three other Women who Walk. Every full moon we go for a walk at the same time, and meet online afterwards to share our stories, photos, drawings and thoughts. The moon was hidden behind thick cloud in Wales so I got quite a lot of 'Brynberian by night' totally black pictures. As I felt my way along, scenting a faint breath of pine trees as I passed the wood, I thought of a book I was obsessed with when I was a child - The Diary of a Silver Fox by Ernest Thompson Seton. In the book, the forces of Nature compelling the actions of the foxes are underlined by the naming of the moons...this always fired me and now here I was walking over the moor under the reign of the Snow Moon, wondering what was my range over rough country. I can't remember what the last photograph was actually of; distant house lights, cars...they could be the glowing eyes of a thought-fox...

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